Town Planning Melbourne

Our Town Planning Experts care about your project and how to best achieve Your Melbourne Application Approval

If you are looking for a town planner to help with your subdivision, change the use of your property, or undertake construction work, you are likely to need a planning permit. Planning permit applications should be lodged very early on in the planning process – before you apply for a building permit or make any major decisions. This permit needs to be obtained from the council, and the process can take some time. We can undertake the application process for you – meaning you don’t have to lift a finger! 

Town planning consultants know how to get most permits approved

In our experience at Melbourne subdivision, the majority of projects which have their applications for a planning permit rejected by local council do not actually have any problems so significant as to make approval impossible. Instead, with some minor changes to the plans and presentation, the right approach can see essentially the same plans win council approval without a hitch. The town planning experts who consult for Melbourne Subdivision have an incredible understanding of what goes into the application and approval process.

No matter where in Melbourne you are, speak to our team about your town planning application and get instant feedback on how you can improve your chances. Our knowledge of the subdivision process and related law, renovations in general, and council standards and regulations are more than enough to justify our town planning consultants as valuable to your development project. Harness that value and get your plans approved faster and more easily than you ever thought possible, while keeping the breadth of your ideas intact.

Get in touch with FSI Pty Ltd. Melbourne Subdivision town planning experts today and get started on your development

Trying to develop, renovate, subdivide or extend your property is already stressful enough without having to jump through hoops for council bureaucracy. Keep your attention focused on the details that matter, and let our consultants shepherd your town planning application through the halls of local government. To get the inside track on easy planning permit approval, call 1300 SUBDIVIDE (1300 782 348) today.