FSI Subdivision

At firststepinvest Pty Ltd we are prepared and have the experience in guiding you in the safest and hassle free direction when you are considering a property that potentially could be developed, remember to take into account that only 20% of properties have subdivision potential. Don’t get caught out, let FSI Subdivision investigate with our Pre-Subdivision report. We will conduct an onsite study and analysis of the site and provide you with a recommendation on the potential to develop the property.

At this stage you are on “the side of the majority”, that is the many thousands of people who realise the benefits locked away in their real estate assets, but don’t know how to go about it. Some try, unsuccessfully, to do it “on the cheap”. The usual result is several years of frustrating, stressful extra work, massive outlays of money, and often a negative cash benefit when it’s finally over. Our system is geared to put you in the developer’s seat. We work for you. We smooth out all the problems easily – because it’s our business to do just that. We do the work and you get the enhanced profits. Now you are a successful developer. “Pause and reflect on that for a while“.


You will receive the following:
1. Investigation of Property Overlays
2. Investigation of Design constraints
3. Location of easements both on and off your title.
4. Investigation of Property zoning
5. Dwelling setback analysis
6. An approximate size of proposed new dwelling’s
7. Whether or not there is opportunity to subdivide your property