FSI Renovations

At firststepinvest Pty Ltd we have found that many of our clients are reluctant to leave the home and neighbourhood that has meant so much to them and their families over the years, but they do wish to access the hidden value in their property by subdivision.

This conundrum is common and fully understandable. A good subdivision outcome would provide these clients with enough capital to build their proposed projects, put an agreeable amount of cash into their bank account and provide the necessary funds to totally renovate the existing family home to their own tastes. At FSI Renovations we have both the knowledge and experience in designing extensive renovations and or extensions to existing homes plus a fully experienced team of professional trades with which to complete the works.

This area of building can present all sorts of challenges; not necessarily ones that most builders wish to face as, often in these situations, unexpected variations do occur. Our divisional Design Director has been actively involved in many hundreds of renovation/ extension projects in the Melbourne market over the past thirty-eight years and has first-hand knowledge of how to avoid the inherent problems before they occur as well as the resilience and tactics learned on the job to deal with the totally unexpected issues that do still occur on these projects.

Our design team is up to date with all current trends in style, materials and equipment. Our design services are expressly geared to listening to your needs and translating that information into good quality, affordable improvements to the much loved family home. Investments of this nature have a double benefit to our clients: firstly the renovations truly enhances the market value of the home and secondly the project brings a new sense of style and comfort to that family home so that the years to come will be spent in pleasant, comfortable surroundings which are a delight to live and entertain in.