FSI Finance

FSI Financial Services was incorporated as part of firststepinvet Pty Ltd to provide our own clients with accurate, up to date information on how to avoid struggling with the noise, fluff, hassle and misdirection created in the market about finance and rates, how to take advantage of the present environment, to have an expert review the client’s current loan needs and more importantly their future loan needs for the family home or investment and wealth creation.

Today we are repeatedly finding that many conversations with clients, friends and families are specifically about how to tackle the current economic advancement related debt. How to best use debt to invest in growth assets with a smart funding strategy and prosper in a low interest rate environment. Debt is debt after all, but how to make it a friend and not a foe? What does a long term finance solution look like? We are able to provide access to this knowledge and support and can look at each individually unique situation, discuss and implement the best strategies that will maximise assets and related borrowings to achieve the best possible financial outcomes.

Based on many comments from a majority of our clients we have organised access to an extensive personal network of Senior Premium Lenders, Joint Venture funders and finance brokers who are licensed and experienced in sourcing the right loans with the best rates and premium service. One confidential, no obligation interview will impart the secrets of how good debt structure can support acquiring a safe and secure property portfolio, how to re-finance current borrowings to accelerate their reduction and how to take advantage of the opportunities in your existing property with a smart finance solution.

We have now been in the property industry and using strategic finance solutions for many years. These tailor-made solutions have helped many, many clients to achieve the financial security that they wished for, strong in the knowledge that they are.