Council Permission

Get Easy Council Permission For Any Melbourne Works

When it comes to subdividing, building or renovating a house, changing the use of your property or carrying out any other type of development, you need to obtain council permission. This is usually in the form of planning and building permits, and will vary depending on your location and land zoning. Planning permits need to be obtained prior to building permits. Here at First Step Invest, we can take care of the entire process for you – saving you the hassle of having to deal with the council yourself.

Unlock your latent and build wealth with  professional guidance.

For most homeowners it is their property, or more specifically their land, which is their single greatest asset. Most Australians that First Step Invest speaks with are aware of the power of their land and would like to free up that wealth to fuel their dreams, but are unsure how to start out down the thorny road to subdividing their block. The process is a long and complex one, difficult to get right without prior knowledge and experience, and local council permission provides another layer of barriers to trip up these amateur or first-time developers. Most are discouraged, while others push on ahead and end up with a messy development and massive personal costs.

We make it our mission to side with homeowners and first-time developers. Our firm has overseen hundreds of such developments all over Melbourne, dealing with many different councils along the way. Prepared with a detailed knowledge of the laws and standards and with all the answers ready, we can present a strong case and win you council permission for the subdivision without you having to even lift a finger. You’re within your rights to cash in on your own investment after all, allow us to affirm that for you  and soon enough you’ll be claiming the massive profit buried in your own backyard.

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We have helped hundreds of Melbourne homeowners break the deadlock in their discussions with council. Speak to our team today to have your options laid out in a simple, easy to evaluate way, so that you can make the best decision for your finances and your family. Call 1300 SUBDIVIDE today.