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Melbourne subdivision: Can I subdivide my land?

Date: 08/17/18 | Written by

Can I subdivide my land?

Melbourne Skyline. Source: The Australian.
Melbourne Skyline. Source: The Australian.

Can I subdivide my land? Subdividing your land or property into smaller lots is a great way to earn passive income. Anyone who wants to subdivide their land or property must have their subdivision plans approved by council before any building work can start. Whether or not your plans to subdivide will be approved by local council depends on 5 main factors.

  1. Zoning Rules.

Zoning rules vary from council to council and can be found on most local council websites. Zoning rules tell you whether or not you can build the structure you want to build on your land. For example, you want to build a medium density structure such as a townhouse or duplex. You will then need to ensure that your property is zoned to build this type of structure.

  1. Land size.

Assuming your zoning rules allow you to build, the next factor is the size of your desired subdivisions. Your local council will have a minimum lot size that you will need to adhere to. This can be found on your local council website.

  1. Building Envelope.

The next thing to consider is the size of the land you can physically and legally build on. This is called the building envelope, which is affected by a variety of factors. This includes things like the size and positioning of easements, driveway requirements, existing buildings and nature strip assets. Building envelope requirements can significantly reduce the size of your development, so consider this carefully.

  1. Neighborhood Character.

Your neighborhood character has a huge impact on whether or not your application to subdivide will be approved. Aspects like town planning, recent or similar developments that have occurred in your area can all affect whether your plans are approved. For example, properties in good locations near schools, shops, transport etc. can sometimes have more favourable policies.

  1. Regulation and Legislation.

Ultimately whether or not you are able to subdivide depends on council approval. This depends on whether your plans are in accordance with local and state legislation. Your local council will refer to legislation to determine whether or not your plans meet certain objectives and standards. The better the research on the previous four factors, the more likely your subdivision plan will be approved.

As you can tell, the process of obtaining a subdivision permit is often extensive and exhausting. Planning codes and procedures vary significantly between councils and also between states and territories. This means the process can take up to 12 months in some cases. However, First State Investment can take care of it all for you. Save time, stress and money. We’ll give you professional advice on all of the above. Don’t spend precious time scouring council websites, regulation and legislation just to determine whether or not you can subdivide and save the stress of getting your plans approved! We can take care of that for you!

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