Building Permit

The Most Effective Building Permit Services & Choices

If you are looking to build, chances are you will need to acquire a building permit prior to construction. This applies to new buildings, as well as renovations or alterations to an existing building. Building Permits need to be obtained from a Building Surveyor – a process that can prove to be quite arduous. We can take care of this process for you, determining whether you need a Building permit and then obtaining one on your behalf – saving you time, money and hassle or from your builder of choice. A building permit is only valid for one year from construction and needs to be applied for an extension if required. 

Get your building permit hassle-free with advice from our team of experts

Like anything, there is an art and a science to winning permit approval for your development projects, and the team at Melbourne Subdivision have honed that skill over years of work and virtually hundreds of clients to become the leaders in Melbourne building permit services.Building Permit Applications consist of Building Permit Documents such as Builders Registration and domestic Insurance, Owner builder Certificate, structural Drawings, Civil Drawings, Structural computations, Geotechnical Reports and Reg 126 Certificate of Compliance. We know how to present your plans in a way which is most favorable and agreeable to the council regulations, and how to negotiate and stand firm on key points of your design so they weather this trying process intact. With extensive experience in obtaining all sorts of permits ,We have the acumen and knowledge to survive any amount of scrutiny.

 Building permit, Town Planning permit and subdivision permit as well as tendering for a builder.

Just because you are guided by us for  building permit services, doesn’t mean that our partnership has to end there. If you’re considering any sort of construction, renovation, extension, or subdivision of your property, then we have the experience and knowledge you need to see success at every stage of the project. From financial planning to council approval, site services and skillful labor, we will help you source and provide for all the essential components of the project. What’s better, we do so in a way which has proven to be financially effective, keeping budgets in check and helping you reap the full value of your land by guiding you through the tendering process to achieve a fix build cost to take away from the total value of your sale price.

If you are uncertain about your retirement fund, need a quick source of cash to boost your fortunes, or just need to find money for the world tour you’ve always dreamed of, you can find it right there in your own backyard. Clever subdivision is a windfall for thousands of savvy Australians every year, and you can be the next of them with our expert help. Call 1300 SUBDIVIDE today and speak with our team about your options.