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With over 10 years experience in property investment sales, be it off the plan, house and land or for negative gearing benefits in building property portfolio’s for many of our clients, we also gained over 7 years experience developing for families around Melbourne helping them create stock to sell or investments on their own land with over 40 projects approved by Councils.
When it comes to investing in property, you are best to seek advice from a company with proven results, as this saves both time and money. SUBDIVIDE my land, How to Subdivide and can I subdivide? Guaranteed results are a safer way to go, which is why many investors choose our guidance. We love to make the investment process easier for our clients, which is why we tailor our products and services to suit individual requirements – whether you are looking to obtain land permits, or have already progressed to the construction stage.

We can help you discover your backyard potential, when you are considering to subdivide, starting from a single subdivision right through to multi-level apartment blocks. We can provide you with a fixed fee, so there are no misunderstandings along the way.
Your next step to financial freedom is right under your nose.
Your family home!!
Subdivide with Melbourne Subdivision and you can still live at the same address!
Let Melbourne Subdivision show you how.
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Let’s discover your SUBDIVISION potential. Can I subdivide my land? How to SUBDIVIDE my land? Could I subdivide my land? When can I subdivide? If I decide to subdivide what are the benefits and how long does it take? What risks are involved if I subdivide? Discuss your options,

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We Do The Hard Work For You

When it comes to property development, we offer an end to end service. We take care of everything, from pre-subdivision reports, through to obtaining the necessary permits and then organising builders to carry out construction work. As experienced project managers, we take care of everything – allowing you to rest assured the process will be completed efficiently.

Developer’s Advantage

We provide you with a team of architects, town planners, surveyors and specialist consultants all under the careful eye of experienced property experts, helping to bring your expenses to a low and manageable figure, before you start spending any real money. This is your ‘developer’s advantage’.

Designs That Work

So many times we see plans and permits that have been poorly designed and simply do not work. The designers have not taken the time to incorporate floor plans that are liveable, spacious, and functional – essentially making the dwelling less sellable or tenantable. All our designs are presented as if we were designing them for ourselves.

Minimum Cost & Maximun Profits

Most designers are not builders or developers. Because of this they don’t take into consideration the cost at the end of the project, often leaving you with magnificent designs, and huge construction costs. All our designs are co-ordinated with our affiliated construction companies, so when the time comes to build your new dwelling or divided lots, it will be at a minimum cost with maximum profit. We offer clients a FIXED FEE up front without variation.