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Our experienced team takes care of all the details associated with subdividing and developing your property, freeing you up to focus on the “bigger picture”. Take advantage of FSI Melbourne Subdivision’s 15 years’ experience and discover the cash in your backyard.

If you have an expansive backyard that you simply don’t use, or if you have recently invested in a large block of land that is ideal for units, townhouses, duplexes or multi-dwelling developments, a skilled and expert subdivision is ideal for your needs. We specialise in both dual occupancy and developer lots, giving everyone that chance to subdivide their property, whether they are an owner-occupier of a house on the same property, or if they want to invest.

Why invest in property subdividing?

With many properties earning up to $200,000 from a simple subdivision, why would you wait? You can use the money to invest in the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, or put the fund towards your children’s education. If you prefer, the money could go towards a sizable chunk of retirement savings to give you peace of mind as you move towards old age. The options are endless – which will you choose?

Instead of attempting to apply for the permits yourself, avoid the lengthy waiting times, complex forms and incomprehensible planning codes – instead, entrust your property subdivision to the experts at First Step Invest. We will save you extensive costs and alleviate the stress of having to complete the application yourself – helping you enter the property market sooner.

With our extensive services, it is easier than ever to achieve a profit and boost your savings. If you are considering subdivisions in Melbourne, such as Balwyn, Footscray, Glenroy, Wheelers Hill, Glen Waverley, Box Hill or Doncaster to name a few, anyware in Melbourne Victoria let our experienced team show you just how easy the entire process can be with our reliable services. In fact, our property subdividing can occur across the whole of Melbourne, so anyone can reap the benefits.

What sets our subdivisions team apart?

We offer complete property surveying and conveyancing services to help you sell your backyard! Our services are based on complete professionalism and an expertise of local planning laws, meaning you will only get a superior quality of service when you engage our team. With years worth of proven results in the field, we know how to approach any problem with dexterity and skill, giving you the results you deserve.

We do all the work for you – We offer you the help you require to make an informed decision .